Why WalletFlo?

Thanks for stopping by to check out the new credit card app, WalletFlo!
Credit card application rules are becoming increasingly common and complex and many “hidden” approval policies exist but are not published.

This makes it much more difficult to get approved for the best credit cards and significantly more tedious and time consuming to maximize your points -- especially if you are a beginner.

Credit card rewards can also be very confusing because there’s a lot to learn in order to not lose out on value. It’s not always clear how to deal with annual fees, how much a point or mile is truly worth, and how things like special bonus categories work.

And now, more and more cards are coming with special dining and travel credits, annual memberships, and other unique perks, which means even more things to track if you want to optimize your cards.
And that’s why WalletFlo was created.

WalletFlo takes the stress and mental energy that comes along with dealing with ever-evolving credit cards and replaces it with financial clarity and easy to use automation.

It puts your path to optimal rewards on cruise control so you can focus on things you truly love to do – like spending all the rewards you will earn!