About Us

Thanks for stopping by to check out the new credit card app, WalletFlo!
Hi, my name is Daniel Gillaspia and I'm the founder and CEO of WalletFlo.

Since 2014, I've blogged about credit card rewards and travel at UponArriving.com.

Through the years, I noticed readers constantly sought input on their credit card strategies and wanted quick answers related to things like the best offers, credit card perks, and eligibility for bonuses.

Basically, people just wanted to make the most of their credit cards without having to spend a ton of time and energy staying on top of everything related to their wallet.

I've always believed that the path to a life full of more rewarding experiences begins fundamentally with the wallet and so I wanted to design an app that helped users unlock the full potential of their credit cards.

With the help of a talented and dedicated team, WalletFlo was started in 2019.

The WalletFlo mission is to help people live a life full of bigger possibilities. By joining the WalletFlo community, you'll become part of a diverse network of users who truly believe in chasing their aspirations.

- Daniel Gillaspia Founder of WalletFlo and UponArriving