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Know which credit cards earn you the most points and keep up with changing categories.

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Find out if you are eligible before you apply and get guidance on which offers to jump on.

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Logan Hassinger - Real Estate Investor

“WalletFlo is a true game changer in the credit card rewards space”

Logan Hassinger
Real Estate Investor
Summer Purcell - Staff Accountant

“Keeping up with changing bonus categories is easier than ever.”

Summer Purcell
Staff Accountant
Edgardo Rodriguez - IT Manager

“Without WalletFlo, you’re probably losing out on a lot of rewards.”

Edgardo Rodriguez
IT Manager

How does it work?

Input credit card details
  • Enter credit card open dates
  • No SSN, DOB, or credit card numbers needed
Let the algorithms go to work
  • WalletFlo will populate your profile based on your unique wallet to help you discover and manage bonus categories, perk, credits, and more.
Get more value
  • Effortlessly squeeze all the value you can from your credit cards with features like the dashboard and custom notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is WalletFlo made for?
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WalletFlo is designed for anyone who is serious about their credit card rewards.

Users with good credit and multiple credit cards (especially those from popular banks like Chase and American Express) will benefit the most from features like the dashboard and Eligibility Checker.

But even if you are just getting started with credit cards, WalletFlo can help you stay organized and find you some of the best credit card offers to start building up your wallet.

How much value can I get from WalletFlo?
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WalletFlo can easily help you earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in credit card rewards year after year.

By showing you the best credit card offers to pursue and helping you take advantage of your credit card perks, you'll find it easier than ever to net lots of value and savings.

Does this affect my credit score?
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Signing up for WalletFlo does not impact your credit score.

How secure is WalletFlo?
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WalletFlo is very secure and utilizes bank-level encryption, all connections from the browser or mobile app to WalletFlo's infrastructure are encrypted in transit using TLS SHA-256 with RSA Encryption. WalletFlo requires HTTPS for all services. We also offer two-factor authentication to provide you with more security for your account.

WalletFlo also does not collect sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, date of birth, and Social Security numbers.

How does WalletFlo make money?
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WalletFlo never sells your data and relies on commissions from credit card approvals for revenue. By using the application links from the app to apply for your cards, you can help support the app and keep it free!